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If I could combine two things in this world I adore, they would be the Hudson Valley and the art of comedy. 

Over twenty years ago, I started my comedy career performing at every open mike at every dive bar in New York City.  One night at an comedy contest at Kelly’s Bar in Greenwich Village, I won first place and $25.  Right after I was awarded this windfall, comedian/producer, Mary Jo Wobker, approached me and asked me to appear at her open mike at the Coven Cafe in Nyack, NY.  Before long, I was taking the bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Nyack to try out my material at the Coven. 

That is when I fell in love with this area.  For over ten years, I traveled to many night clubs and performed before many crowds.  Nothing ever compared to the magic and love I felt from the comedians, crowds and characters I met in Nyack.  I felt so creative and safe in this environment.

Fast forward twenty years and I now live in the Lower Hudson Valley.      I hope through my collaborations, events, and classes I can recreate and pass along some of the creativity and magic I experienced during my early comedy years coming to this area.  Finally, I am home. 

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                                                                           -Peggy Boyce


We Love The Hudson Valley & Comedy

Located just 20 miles north from New York City- on the banks of the Hudson River - resides a talented artistic community that includes actors, comedians, writers, and visual artists.  This site is dedicated to all the wonderful artists in the Lower Hudson Valley .

2011 Lower Hud’s Funniest Person, Regina DeCicco,

RING IN 2013 WITH REGINA, Doug Adler, Maria Walsh & Jim Mendrinos at Emmett’s Castle in Pearl River

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2011 Runner-Up, Lower Hud’s Funniest Person, Patrick Scully,

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